The man, the myth, the legend. Ok, perhaps not, I mean seriously, what type of wood worker doesn't have a beard? Any ways, it's my web site so I can say what I want.


My incredible bride! She takes care of a lot of things that I simply cannot do, such as crocheting necklace strands, sewing together bowtie straps, and so much more. I couldn't do this without her!

Shop Dogs

No shop is complete without shop dogs, and our shop can get pretty crowded at times since we have six of them! Their wagging tails do an awesome job of sweeping the shop out.

A Few words about us

I started my little side business from the idea of building new stuff people would want from old stuff other people didn't. Using pallets, scrap tin, old bottles and more I create new and exciting items for your home. All items are created in my little shop which is full of far too many tools for one person.

My grandfather was a carpenter, and part of that passed it's way down to me. Though I consider myself more on the artistic side than he was. I like to tinker, build, and see what I can make out of what most people would consider junk.



Great product! It was hit and I received so many compliments. Don was willing to customize the length of the neckband. He didn't have the number of items I needed so he made extra for me and had them completed on the day he said he'd be done. Shipped on time!


Wow this is now one of the most interesting and awesome pendants I have! Shipping was incredibly fast. Ill be keeping this shop on my radar for sure!


This is really a very nice e-cig holder. It was obviously carefully crafted with skill, and I thank you for putting craftsmanship back into practice in this day and age. It arrived well packed, undamaged, and amazingly quick. Thanks so much. You solved my problem of my cat running off with all my e-cig suction cup holders!